Our Daycare center is proud to provide your children with an outstanding opportunity for Montessori Education. Children at Bambinos Bilingual Montessori interact within the prepared classroom environment working at their own developmental learning pace. Both individual and group learning experiences are emphasized within each classroom using Montessori materials.

Content learning includes social interaction; work in the practical life sensorial areas, music, art and drama. They are also exposed to language, Spanish, Math, Botany, Zoology, History and Geography. These rich layered strands of curriculum build progressively as a student advances through the Montessori educational levels.

The self- esteem, self-confidence and inner direction of children who receive an early childhood Montessori education serve students into their elementary school years. It is the intent of our Montessori Daycare to build a solid personal as well as academic foundation in each child propelling them into a bright future full of personal satisfaction, feelings of self-fulfillment and success in social encounters and confidence in areas of challenge.

Maria Montessori said, “Play is a child’s work.” This Montessori principle believes that children learn by doing “works.” Doing “works” promotes a focus on Respect for self, Respect for each other and Respect for the classroom environment. Therefore, classrooms become small communities.

In our Daycare center, each classroom has Montessori materials designed to fit individual children’s needs, creating meaningful learning experiences in maximizing each child’s abilities. Teachers follow a daily routine of active learning so that students can cover important curricula vital to overall child development. The prepared environment invites interaction between children, materials and the guiding teacher. Montessori materials create appeal, capturing a student’s inner curiosity while allowing a student to move naturally through stages of their development and levels of learning.

Traditional educational methods are integrated along with Montessori methods to provide structure and assessment verifying that the child experiences all areas of learning.